Hello! My name is Tania Haldar and I am a Portrait Photographer based in Oakville, ON. 


Upon completing my under-graduation in Graphic Design from Seneca, Toronto, and then my post-graduation in Journalism from Sheridan, Oakville, I realized it were the photography classes that had its hold on me throughout my years in design and journalism. To quench my ever growing thirst to learn more on the subject, I am now studying Digital Photography in Sheridan to learn the history of photography, and how it has changed over the decades. I truly feel learning can never, ever come to an end! It is safe to say today, that there are two things I love in its entirety in this world - One: People and Two: My Canon! 


Then what better way to lead my life than as a Portrait Photographer! I now photograph people - sometimes during an engagement session, sometimes for personal branding or folio building and sometimes for a family or for a business session. And in all honesty, nothing gives me greater pleasure!

In August 2018, I opened my own studio in Oakville, ON, which is equipped with state-of-the-art gear and a deep desire within to give my clients a gift they will treasure forever.


If you're interested and would like a session, or just want to chat over a cup of coffee in any of our fantastic local coffee shops in Oakville, please do connect with me via the links below:


Tania Haldar Photography

URL: www.taniahaldar.com

E.Mail: mail@taniahaldar.com

Ph: +1.647.993.6474

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